Coatings in New Zealand

The coating and paint industry in New Zealand is mainly based around Auckland. However that’s more the industrial part of the coating industry. Besides coating in Auckland you can also find many coating companies in Christchurch New Zealand. Large companies in the coating and paint industry are Altex, COTEC and Paintman.

Find information about, for instance, urine repelling paint for public places and for other objects and buildings, fire retardant paint for fireproofing wood and steel and powder coating for different applications here on

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Most read and requested coatings

aerospace coatings applied to an airplane of air new zealand plane
packaging coating on sardine tins
yellow wood coating applied on wooden blinds
high temperature coating on pipes in factory
a rusty chain would have needed anti rust coating
black and grey seed coating applied
powder coating cost defined by powder coat colours
non skid paint on round stairs
Anti reflective coating New Zealand on lens, Macbook and phone screen

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