Bathroom paint NZ

Defend against moisture and mould with bathroom paint NZ

A bathroom is a place for making things clean, but in the process you create an atmosphere that encourages things that are unclean – mould and mildew thrive in the moisture, especially in spaces with poor ventilation. Bathroom paint is paint especially equipped for this situation; it contains mildew inhibitors and is slightly tougher than regular paint to allow wiping with more aggressive cleaners and to keep out the moisture.

In this article we look at the tips and tricks for a successful bathroom paint job, the products available in New Zealand, and the bathroom paint colours to make your bathroom the perfect retreat.

Choosing bathroom paint colours and finishes

There are no concrete rules to choosing a colour. What works for one person may  be heinous to another. However, keep in mind that choosing certain colours can affect the size perception of your bathroom. If your bathroom is on the small side, lighter tints and cooler colours create a receding effect which in turn leads to a larger appearing bathroom. Bigger bathrooms can go bolder and depending on your style a subtle contrast can still suffice as a classy finish.

How to paint a bathroom – tips and tricks

Painting a bathroom is just like painting any other surface – once you have the right paint, there are just a few simple steps to make sure you get the best finish.

  1. Make sure the walls are clean, dry and free of mould: The state of the substrate before you apply the paint will have a big impact on the final look of the job. The surface needs to be clean of grease and dirt, dry, and you need to remove any mould that might already exist – if you just paint over it, it may bleed through. Sand down any uneven areas and remove flaking paint.
  2. Mask and cover what you want protected: Use masking tape and dropcloths to protect the edges of the painting area and your floor and fittings.
  3. Apply primer and paint – If the previous paint is still in excellent condition, you do not need a primer. If you are applying paint to bare wood, plaster, or other material, you will need a suitable primer. Once the primer has dried, you can apply the paint. No special techniques are needed.

In the video below you can see in 3 minutes how you can apply bathroom coating step by step yourself :

You need these products for bathroom coating

Cleaning the bathroom is often a time-consuming task. In addition, long-term damp and warm spaces quickly suffer from mold and dirty joints. Water-repellent paint helps against this. However, the best protection against this is to treat the floor and wall with an epoxy based finish, followed by a 2 component polyurethane coating.

Dulux Wash and Wear for bathroom paint NZ

Here are some examples of professional products:

Dulux Wash&Wear +PLUS Kitchen & Bathroom Low Sheen | 4 Liters NZ$ 121.00  
Surface: Made with the hard wearing, stain and mark resistant 101 Barrier Technology, fortified with a powerful mould-inhibitor. This bathroom paint NZ gives ultimate washability and lasting protection to rooms with damp and humid conditions such as bathrooms.

Resene SpaceCote Flat Kitchen & Bathroom | 4 Liters NZ$ 145.90
Surface: Strongly absorbent surfaces, concrete/stony walls.
Consumption: 11 m2 per liter.

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