Ceramic car coating

Preserve the look and quality of your paintwork with ceramic car coating

Car paint in New Zealand can cop a beating. Salt, sun, bird droppings, swirl marks, dirt, and everything the road throws at it wear away at that shop-new glossy shine. If you go with traditional car paint protection methods like waxing or sealants it can cost you a lot in both time and money. Ceramic car coating (also known as glass coating, ceramic coating for cars, car paint protection coating, ceramic paint protection and other variations) uses nanotechnology to bond to the substrate. What this means is that it provides a layer of protection that bonds with the car paint at a molecular level and will not wash away or wear off like a wax.

Your car will have a glossy shine that protects it from the elements and repels water and dirt. Interested? In this article we look at how ceramic coating for cars works, and where to find products and applicators in New Zealand. 

The pros and cons of ceramic coating for cars

Despite the range of names for car protection paint, they all to a form of nano coating based on silica/silicon dioxide (a key ingredient in glass). Like glass, these coatings are hard, hydrophobic, heat and weather resistant, and scratch resistant – essentially they are a glaze for your car, like the glaze on pottery. It is these properties that make them so perfect for your vehicle. Alternatives like waxes can build up on car paint and cause cloudiness or buffing which, as time goes by, can damage the original clear coat while ceramic car coatings bond on the nanoscale. Below we look at the pros and cons of car paint protection coating:

The benefits of ceramic car coating

  • UV-proof : Car paint oxidises and fades through exposure to sunlight and UV radiation. Applying a ceramic coating works as a barrier, protecting the paint from this damage.
  • Hydrophobic : Water is repelled by ceramic coating so that rather than clinging to a vehicle and leaving watermarks it beads up and rolls off. Grime and mud is also less able to stick to the surface, making washing easier and less frequent.
  • Chemical resistant : Though this may sound extreme, substances like salt (whether in the air or the water), bird droppings, dead bugs, and other even mildly acidic fluids will etch and stain paintwork. Glass coating protects from these elements.
  • Extreme gloss : The slick surface of the ceramic coating will give your car a brand-new shine and gloss that endures.

The downsides of ceramic car coating

  • Preparation effort : Your vehicle needs to be as bare and clean as possible before application, even dust can contaminate the coating. The newer the car, the better.
  • The smell : When applying ceramic coating (if you choose to go DIY) you need to be in a suitable work space with adequate ventilation
  • The cost : For quality, performance, and the best coating outcome, a professional detailer should apply your coating. A professionally applied ceramic coating for your entire vehicle with all the trimmings can cost upwards of $1000.
  • Permanent? : Though these coatings may be described as permanent, no coating is forever with regular maintenance.
Hydrophobic ceramic coating on windows promotes water beading and sheeting

Hydrophobic ceramic coating on windows

Specialists and applicators of car paint protection NZ

There are a number of car coating companies in New Zealand ranging from manufacturers to retailers and applicators, with the highest number of companies in the Auckland region. You can find an overview of these companies in the table below;

Ceramic Pro New Zealand Ceramic coating 95 Wairau Rd, Wairau Valley, Auckland 0627, New Zealand
Gulliver New Zealand Glass coating 436 Broadway Newmarket, Auckland, 1023 217-225 Archers Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland, 0629
Obsessive Car Detailing (OCD) Ceramic coating 739 Great South Rd, Penrose, Auckland 1061
Auto Charm Limited Glass coating 53A Mount St John Ave, Epsom, Auckland 1051
Hypershield Glass coating 19 Gundry Street, Newton, Auckland 1010
Detail Depot NZ Premium coating products 15 Wakefield St,Wellington 6011
United Car Care Gyeon Quartz official distributor 4/739 Great South Road, Penrose, Auckland 1061

Applying ceramic coating yourself

Like any coating application, the condition of the substrate is key. Your car must be as clean and bare as possible; the coating will be easier to apply and work better the cleaner the car surface is to begin with. Each different product may have slightly differing application requirements (and you should always follow the specific instructions), but the basic procedure is as follows:

  1. After washing and buffing the car, wipe it down again with a low percentage (15%) IPA solution and a microfibre cloth, to ensure there is as little contaminants and oil as possible left on the surface.
  2. Take the applicator pad/cloth and apply the ceramic car coating in an X pattern across it. Only a very little of the coating will be needed.
  3. Using a circular or back and forth motion, wipe the glass coating onto a panel, applying to one panel at a time.
  4. After 5 minutes, check the application for irregularities or high points. If they are present, gently wipe over the surface with a microfibre cloth to smooth out the surface.
  5. Allow to cure. This step is especially important as this is when the nano ceramic coating forms crosslinks and becomes the protective coating for cars you need.

To give you an indication on how much ceramic coating costs to apply yourself , we put together a ceramic car coating price list including the most common coating surfaces. Prices are indications and can vary depending on where the coatings are purchased.

Ceramic Pro Light Surface Protection 50ml From NZ$199;- +GST
SENSHA Crystal Glow Surface Protection 50ml From NZ$101;-
Gyeon Q2 MOHS Surface Protection 50ml Kit (includes 50ml Gyeon Q2 Mohs, 100ml Gyeon Q2M Cure, 4 Suede Cloths, 1 Applicator, 1 Facemask, 1 Manual) From NZ$220;-
Ceramic Pro Wheel & Calliper Wheel Protection 50ml From NZ$189;- +GST
Gyeon Q2 Rim Wheel Protection 30ml From NZ$80;-
SENSHA Wheel Crystal Wheel Protection 50ml From NZ$50;-
Gyeon Q2 View Window Protection 20ml Kit (includes 20ml Gyeon Q2 Cleanse, 20ml Gyeon Q2 Repel, 4 Suede Cloths, 1 Applicator, 1 Manual) From NZ$60;-
Angelwax H2GO Window Protection 100ml From NZ$38;- +GST
Ceramic Pro Rain Window Protection 50ml From NZ$129;- +GST
Ceramic Pro Leather Leather Surface Protection 100ml From NZ$129;- +GST
Gyeon Q2 LeatherCoat Leather Surface Protection 400ml From NZ$40;-
CarPro CQuartz Leather Leather & Vinyl Protection 50ml Kit From NZ$140
Gyeon Q2 FabricCoat All Textile Protection 400ml From NZ$100;-
TACSystem Fabric Coat All Textile Protection 500ml From NZ$80;-


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  1. Jazz
    Jazz says:

    Hi, I am looking for ceramic coating to put on my car, can you please give me an estimate of the price. Its Toyota Camry 2016.

    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear Jazz,

      Coating.co.nz does not sell coatings directly – we are a coating connection company, we connect people who need coating with the companies that provide it. For ceramic coating for cars, we recommend you contact a local applicator (such as those detailed above). Good luck with looking after your Camry!

      Marieke – Coating.co.nz


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