Colour restoration paint NZ

Colour restoration paint NZ: Get that “brand new look” on old substrates

Acid rain, lime, UV radiation, pollution or even cleaning agents may cause discolouration on surfaces after a while. A dull appearance does not do the appearance of a residential complex or business premises any good. Fortunately, there is a way to restore the surface to its former glory without having to replace it or to have to paint again. The solution is colour restoration paint, also called renovation coating or recover coating.

The coating has an impressive colour restoring effect that makes facades and facade cladding look like new again. An additional advantage is that the coating forms a layer on which dirt or even graffiti no longer adheres. Colour restoring coating also continues to shine for up to 10 years. This makes it a sustainable solution for maintaining real estate.

In this article we look at the advantages, the surfaces on which you can use it and we go deeper into the various providers of colour restoring coating.

8 benefits of colour restorative coating

Colour restoration paint NZ on building exterior

Colour-restoration-coated versus uncoated substrate

The main advantage of colour restorative coating / renovation coating is of course that the surface looks like new again and that it protects the surface against future discolouration / dullness. But this innovative coating has more useful features:

  1. Easy to apply 1-component coating and therefore is easy to process.
  2. Very UV-resistant; discolouration is a thing of the past!
  3. Chemically resistant
  4. Excellent anti-graffiti properties;  applied graffiti can easily be rinsed away with water
  5. Retrieves weathered and faded coating and paint systems
  6. Fully transparent
  7. Long lifespan of 5-10 years
  8. Applicable on many surfaces

Note: The disadvantage of colour restoration / renovation coating is that it does not repair damage. If there is damage to the original coating, varnish or powder, a new layer is required first.

Top renovation coating products

Renovation coating, colour restoring coating or recover coating has these words barely in the product name in the coating industry. This can sometimes be confusing. One of the most well-known colour restoration coating is the patented NITORANGE series (and in particular  NITOCOAT) from MAVRO International. Other renovation coatings are for example Sodan 2KS (Sodan Coatings), CleantechPro Renovation coating and Unique-2101 coating (Procosol Solutions).

Are you interested in working with a colour restorative coating or are you looking for a specialist who can apply the coating for you? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to connect you with a renovation coating specialist in your area.

Professional applications and processing of renovation coating

Renovation coating is applicable to all non-absorbent surfaces. For example: painted and unpainted metals, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, rock panels, frames and powder-coated surfaces. The colour restoring coating can also be applied over existing coating and painting systems. Depending on the substrate, age and cleaning history (which products have been used in the past), the coating almost always works colour-restoring on these substrates. We therefore always advise you to have this coating applied by a professional applicator. Essentially, a professional can provide:

Maintenance Advice: inventory and advice systematic maintenance of the building.
Drawing Up The project requirements:  providing a technical description of the work to be carried out.
Project Guidance: supervising contractors, quality control and reports.
Multi-Annual Maintenance Plan:  preparation of maintenance planning and budgeting 10-year maintenance.
Test Surfaces:  performing underground inspection, advice on product selection and application methodology.

In this short video by coating specialist, MAVRO International, you can see the amazing results after applying a renovation coating:


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