In industrial spaces like warehouses, a reflective epoxy floor coating brightens the space, making them safer to work in.

For homes, businesses, and industry – epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor paint, epoxy resin flooring, epoxy flooring, whatever you call it people know what you are talking about. Epoxy floor coating has become the preferred resin flooring system for everything from factory floors to home laundries, commercial kitchens to hospital operating theatres. The main hangar areas for Air New Zealand and the floors of the Pack’nSave, all of them have epoxy floor coating. Epoxy is one of the most hard-wearing and resistant resins used in coatings, and these qualities make it a preferred component of flooring systems. An epoxy resin floor coating is a two component system that results in a hard, durable and resistant flooring solution. Whether a public, commercial, industrial or residential floor system is needed, epoxy resin floor coating is the flooring of choice across New Zealand markets.

In this article we will look at the advantages of epoxy resin flooring, the variety of applications, and provide you with a quick guide to applying epoxy floor coating yourself. At the end of this article you will find the range of specialists in epoxy flooring New Zealand has in the largest cities and their surroundings.

The applications of epoxy floor coating – pros and cons

Epoxy resin floor coatings can be used for three different applications: a primer on concrete to even it out, an undercoat to be covered with a carpet or the like, and a decorative top coat. Though it is only one of a variety of floor coating options, epoxy flooring has a collection of properties that have made it a coating of choice for almost any floor.

  • Seamless finish – The absence of seams makes floors easy to clean and pleasant to walk on, as well as making it suitable for hygienic purposes.
  • Abrasion resistant – Parking garages, factory floors and other heavy-duty applications can be realised with epoxy resin floor coating. It is one of the hardest coatings available.
  • Chemical resistant – Epoxy resin is one of the most chemical resistant resins available. The coatings can also be modified and made even more resistant by adding a phenolic resin. These are suitable for laboratories and other locations dealing with chemicals.
  • Clear epoxy coating – A clear option is available to create 3D flooring and the same clear coatings are also used for creating artworks or topping for bars and tables.
  • Attractive – Epoxy resin floor coating comes in a variety of colours and textures. In case the right appearance cannot be achieved with epoxy, the coating can be topped with a polyurethane or another solution.
  • Cost-effective – Epoxy flooring cost is one of the attractions for the coating. It is the cheapest of the resin floor coating systems.

Even though epoxy resin flooring sounds a perfect solution for any floor, it has a couple of drawbacks: Firstly, the application process is time consuming and less suited for areas that need to avoid downtime than other coatings. Secondly, epoxy is not good with sunlight – exterior applications should be avoided as UV rays cause epoxy to discolour and crack. If you are working with new concrete, you should make sure the surface is completely hardened due to the fact that epoxy lacks flexibility and is likely to crack due to flexing movement.

How to apply epoxy floor paint –  a quick guide

For the non-professional, there are one component epoxy floor paint products, usually marketed as garage floor coatings. However, the traditional epoxy resin flooring is a 2K system which provides a far superior finish to the one component options. Therefore, in this guide we assume you are using a product that requires mixing the A and B component before applying.

You should always start the job by reading the manufacturer’s instructions on surface preparation and mixing the coating. If you have prepared the surface properly with a primer or grinder and mixed the two components according to the instructions, you can start with application.

  1. Pour the coating mixture onto the floor
  2. Spread out the coating evenly with a spreader and/or roller (as advised by the manufacturer)
  3. Make sure you use enough layers to comply with the advised thickness for your project
  4. Let each layer cure before applying the next one.

The smoothest smooth with self leveling epoxy flooring

As the name implies, self leveling epoxy flooring is a form of coating which is used on various types of floors so as to make them smooth and even. They are usually applied on concrete floors but they are also an effective option on other substrates. Also called self-smoothing, it is one of the most popular forms of resin flooring because the smooth, seamless surface is ideal for industrial settings where there is a lot of vehicular traffic and also for healthcare and hygiene environments because the lack of seams and cracks prevents microbes from growing in the floor.

A list of epoxy flooring contractors in New Zealand

Applying epoxy resin floor coating for larger surface areas is definitely a job for a professional. Hiring a specialist will give you a professionally applied floor and the security of knowing that any problems are dealt with as part of the epoxy flooring cost. Below we have compiled a short sample of the many companies in New Zealand which provide epoxy flooring services.

For more information on industrial epoxy floor coating solutions and contractors, contact us. Our experts are here to help and to connect you with the manufacturer, supplier, or product your project needs. Getting in touch is easy: simply email us or send us a message via the ‘request a quote’ button on the bottom of this article. Our quote service is 100% free, so let us connect you with your coating needs.

Epoxy Flooring Company NZLocation
NZ Epoxy CoatingsNorth Island – 42 Kane Rd, Papamoa Beach, Bay of Plenty 3118
NZ Specialised CoatingsNorth Island – 26 Joseph St, West End, Palmerston North 4410
Topcoat Specialists CoatingsNorth Island – 33 Stonedon Drive, East Tamaki, Auckland 2013
Concrete Sealing NZSouth Island – 29 Oaks Dr, Halswell, Lincoln 7672
Regis CoatingsSouth Island – 127 Antigua Street, Addington, Christchurch 8024
Topcoat Specialist CoatingsSouth Island – 10 Paragon Pl, Sockburn, Christchurch 8042
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      Ayold says:

      Dear Mike, facilitates business for coating manufacturers and suppliers online. We do not sell or apply coatings ourselves, but try to match inquiries to expert coating partners. If you have an inquiry about epoxy floor coating please use the contact form on our “”request a quote”” page.

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  1. Paul Kingsbeer
    Paul Kingsbeer says:

    Hi what’s a warrantee on using a epoxy paint and the typical life you get from a coating considering say light forklift use maybe unloading a truck twice a week, ie recoating is required? Also which product fills any lower spots best ta

    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear Paul,

      When applied by a professional, the typical lifespan of an epoxy floor coating can be 5-10 years in industrial settings. Of course, the better maintained the epoxy flooring the longer it will last, and some companies will provide a guarantee for 10-20 years. For low spots where the flooring is uneven, a contractor will often apply an aggregate-containing epoxy slurry or polymer modified cement. This will give the floor the right profile and the same strength as the cement. If you have a project that needs epoxy floor coating, get in touch through our contact page and we can connect you with the right coating for your needs.

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