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Between 2014 and 2017, Auckland Council spent approximately $18 million on graffiti removal. The presence of graffiti on Auckland property decreases its value and has a negative impact on the environment. Although graffiti can call attention to injustice and can be a source of uplifting art, graffiti removal Auckland is necessary to discourage more graffiti and other vandalism.

If your property is tagged you need to consider removing it immediately – either by yourself or outsourcing to a professional.

This article goes through graffiti removal agents for every surface and specialists in Graffiti removal Auckland.

Find Graffiti removal Auckland companies

The bigger the project or more stubborn it is, the more advisable it is to acquire professional services. Removal companies are also available for evaluating the damage done by graffiti and can tailor suitable solutions for complex substrates such as glass. Below is a list of specialists in Graffiti removal Auckland.

Graffiti Solutions Limited 5 Greenpark Rd, Penrose, Auckland 1642
Graffiti Guard Services 5 Greenpark Rd, Penrose, Auckland 1061
PC Enviromental 16 Wilmay Ave, Papatoetoe, Auckland 2025
Jets Mobile Blasting 18 Rimutaka Pl, Titirangi, Auckland 0604

4 Other ways to remove graffiti

Graffiti removal effectiveness is dependent on the substrate and the method applied. These are the five best methods and the suitable substrates.

Graffiti Remover for Graffiti Removal Auckland

1.Organic removal; Anti-graffiti removers

These are organic Polystyrene-based solutions designed to remove graffiti caused by paint, including spray cans and marker pens.

Recommended use: on bricks, concrete, metal and wooden surfaces.

deco brush for graffiti removal auckland2. Paint new coat over graffiti

You can also simply paint your wall in a different color. For this, however, you must use professional paint or apply several layers, otherwise the graffiti will become visible again after a while. Not recommended to do this often after each other, because then the paint can start to scroll.

Recommended use: depending on the paint for each surface.

Thinner for graffiti removal Auckland3. Chemical agents

Turpentine or thinner can also be used to dissolve graffiti paint.

Despite its effectiveness, turpentine can have the adverse effect of damaging the surface (such as the paint layer).

Recommended use: on hard surfaces.

Compressed air cylinder

4. Using compressed air or soda-blasting

This is a graffiti removal method that does not require water.
These methods should be carried out by a professional graffiti removal company.

Recommended use: on sensitive surfaces such as stone and glass

Many of these removal methods are made easier by applying an anti graffiti coating to the substrate. It is an effective preventive measure and inhibits the application of graffiti considerably.


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