kashima coating

Coat motorcycle and mountainbike with Kashima coating

Mountain bike and motorcycle lovers are always looking for the best coating for their bikes. Maybe a unique coating that absorbs shocks and withstands high pressure.

They found the solution in Kashima coating: it offers extended durability in extreme weather conditions and never exfoliates.

Smooth and adonic: this is Kashima coating

You might be wondering: what is Kashima coating? The Japanese company Miyaki Company managed to invent the coating by lubricating molybdenum disulphide to aluminium with assistance of an electrical current. This reaction created a new kind of extremely liquid and smooth adonic coating.

The coating has improved lubrication and corrosion resistance on other common types of coating such as Teflon, Graphite, and Tungsten disulfide. The main purpose is reducing friction, providing a smoother ride.

The 5 main benefits of Kashima coating

Many mountain bikers are already sold on the many benefits the coating has on rough terrain. They are also praising the coating for its abrasion resistance and properties to keep the fork flawless and clean.

These are the 5 main benefits of Kashima coating:

The application process of kashima coating

The application process of kashima coating.


  1. it looks good
  2. it is extremely solid
  3. it makes any surface extremely smooth
  4. it isolates shocks
  5. and it is durable.

Regularly applying a new layer of coating to your mountain bike or motorcycle is a thing of the past. Once applied the coating is a durable solution with many benefits. Other coatings used in the automotive, motor and bicycle industry, such as TiNitride and DLC (Diamond Like Coating) were not invented specifically for aluminium surfaces and have more disadvantages.

Experts say that Kashima coating currently is the best available coating for upper fork tubes and shock bodies. Especially when maximal performance of a bicycle or motorcycle is requested. This also makes this type of coating suitable for use on off-road vehicles, trucks, ATV’s and UTV’s.

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