The Auckland Harbour Bridge is protected by metal coating.

Polyurea Coating NZ

The ever-flexible protection - Polyurea Coating NZ Polyurea coating NZ has been around for more than 30 years, but new applications for this coating are always being found thanks to its durability, flexibility and versatility. It is mainly…
Steel construction site

Intumescent Paint for Steel NZ

Passive fire protection and insulation - Intumescent paint for steel The New Zealand steel industry produces steel for construction, infrastructure, storage, manufacturing, and farming. Steel is the backbone of construction; its strength and…
In industrial spaces like warehouses, a reflective epoxy floor coating brightens the space, making them safer to work in.

Epoxy Floor Coatings NZ

For homes, businesses, and industry - epoxy floor coating Epoxy floor paint, epoxy resin flooring, epoxy flooring, whatever you call it people know what you are talking about. Epoxy floor coating has become the preferred resin flooring system…
Ceramic car coating

Car Paint Protection NZ

Preserve the look and quality of your paintwork with ceramic car coating Car paint in New Zealand can cop a beating. Salt, sun, bird droppings, swirl marks, dirt, and everything the road throws at it wear away at that shop-new glossy shine.…
The powder coating cost of any part depends on the colour, powder chemistry, and size and difficulty of the piece.
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Powder Coating Cost New Zealand

How much does powder coating cost in New Zealand? - You're about to find out Whether you are a looking to powder coat rims giving them a durable and cost efficient touch-up or simply undertaking a DIY powder coating project on your patio furniture,…
Applying Powder Coating NZ
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Powder Coating NZ

The complete guide to powder coating NZ - process to local specialists The name probably gives it away. Powder coating, as the name suggests, is a method by which surfaces are coated with dry powder. The powder is then cured through heating…
Frying pan with teflon coating NZ

Teflon Coating NZ

Teflon coating - the non-stick accident to solve sticky accidents Some discoveries are the result of years of experimentation and striving for just the right combination of luck and determination. Others, however, are pure luck. So it is with…

Fire Retardant Paint NZ

Fire retardant paint: protect your property and safety The New Zealand Fire Service attended 5,236 structure fires last year - there were about 112 structure fires per 100,000 people, 78 of which were residential. Increasing the fire safety…

Wood Coating New Zealand

Preserve the beauty and properties of wood with the right wood coating Wood is a wonderful, versatile building material that has been used for thousands of years to construct everything from walls and floors of the family home to the furniture…
Removing graffiti easily with anti graffiti coating new zealand

Anti Graffiti Paint NZ

Prevent graffiti vandalism with anti graffiti paint NZ Regardless of how you feel about it, graffiti has become a part of our everyday visual experience. Graffiti vandalism, most noticeable in the form of tags, lowers the value of real estate,…
Protect racing boats with Antifouling paint NZ

Antifouling Paint NZ

Protect your hull and improve efficiency with antifouling paint NZ New Zealand is an island nation. Our trade imports and exports are mostly conducted by sea, our fisheries and aquaculture contribute hundreds of millions to GDP, cruise ships…

Rubber Coating New Zealand

Liquid rubber coating New Zealand: Ensuring reliable sealing and protection Rubber or liquid rubber, is a polymer-modified bitumen-rubber emulsion . The bitumen-polymer mixture / liquid rubber coating has traditionally been presented on…