The Auckland Harbour Bridge is protected by metal coating.

The ever-flexible protection – Polyurea Coating NZ

Polyurea coating NZ has been around for more than 30 years, but new applications for this coating are always being found thanks to its durability, flexibility and versatility. It is mainly used in industry to make substrates water-resistant, for example, or to protect them against corrosion and chemicalsIt is also used as a floor coating and as a powerful layer for mechanical instruments. Polyurea is also not surface-bound and applies to concrete, metals, wood, plastic and more.

A polyurea coating is the result of a reaction between the chemical isocyanate and a mix of resins. This forms a plastic or rubber-like composition. It is also called a so-called elastomer (a polymer with flexible properties) and can be used in approximately the same manner as the more known polyurethane and epoxy. The protection it provides, however, combines the best features of the two. You will therefore see polyurea coating mainly in industrial sectors, pipeline coating, mining tools and waterproof tank linings.

In this article we take you along the advantages and applications of polyurea coating. In addition, we help you find the right specialists in New Zealand for your project.

The top 4 benefits of polyurea properties

In the marine, food, production, real estate and offshore industries, polyurea is a popular choice due to its many advantages over alternative coatings. We have listed a number of the high performance polyurea properties for you:

  1. Optimal protection: 
    Polyurea gives resistance to chemicals, UV radiation and extreme temperature fluctuations. It is also impact resistant and provides a scratch free surface.
  2. Water-resistant:  
    The coatings are almost non-permeable and resistant to liquids, which ensures that they offer a strong protection against corrosion.
  3. Fast curing time: 
    The curing time of polyurea coating is only a few minutes. This is a big contrast with other paints or coatings, where it is hours or even days. This will immediately show you the result of your investment!
  4. High flexibility: 
    Polyurea is an elastomer and a polymer with elastic properties. This does not tear quickly and is very resistant to punctures and other penetrations.

Comparing polyurea coating to polymeric coatings

Let’s take the test: why should you choose polyurea coating compared to a more traditional method such as epoxy? Although each type of coating has its own advantages, the benefits of polyurea outperforms them in various areas.

  • Polyurea versus polyurethane (PU):  These two coatings are both based on the same raw material (icocyanate), which means they have many similarities. However, coatings based on PU are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations and humid environments. In addition, polyurea is a lot more elastic and has a greater pulling power.
  • Polyurea versus epoxy: Epoxy resin is sensitive to temperature and moisture during application. In addition, the curing time is a lot longer than with polyurea. It is also not resistant to UV radiation, causing it to discolour due to sun exposure.
  • Polyurea versus cement-based coating:  The difference is mainly in application time. All cement-bound coatings mainly have very long setting times and curing periods.

In summary, choose a polyurea coating if longevity is your biggest pursuit. In addition, it is also a superior choice in humid or very cold or hot environments. Furthermore, Polyurea coating NZ is preferable if you need a coating that can flex with the expansion of a substrate.

Wall being coated with Polyurea Coating NZ

Polyurea is sprayed directly onto the substrate

How to estimate polyurea coating price

There is no standard price per m2 for Polyurea hot spray coating. This is because the price is calculated on the basis of a number of factors:

  • Required layer thickness
  • Required finish (RAL colour, certain finish)
  • Number of m2 (the more m2 the cheaper the price per square meter)
  • Prefab or application on location
  • Complexity of the object (many separate parts or a single component)

Applying polyurea coating: polyurea hot spray

“Hot spray” derives from the fact that polyurea is most effective when it is heated to 60-70°C. The reaction that then creates the actual coating is immediate, and it hardens in a matter of seconds.

To achieve this heat and speed, two components are plugged into a special spray gun. The components mix with each other in the gun itself, where the reaction starts the moment it is sprayed from the paint sprayer onto the surface. This ensures optimum operation of the coating and the most powerful physical properties.

As mentioned earlier, the hot spray is suitable for many surfaces, but it can also be used independently of humidity or temperature.

Polyurea hot spray coating is precision work and should only be applied by trained, professional specialists.

Finding polyurea manufacturers or experts in New Zealand

With the popularity and high performance properties of polyurea, it is no surprise that there are polyurea manufacturers and polyurea suppliers and experts operating across New Zealand.

We can put you in touch with polyurea coating suppliers for a customized quote. Simply use the “Request a Quote” button beneath this article and let us know about your project requirements so we can connect you with the right experts for your needs. Below is a selection of New Zealand polyurea coating suppliers and specialists.

Polyurea Coating SpecialistsLocationServices Offered
Applied Conveyor & Polymers LtdBranches in Auckland and OamaruSuppliers of a range of coatings, incl. polyurea coating, and industrial products
Inseal Coatings NZ LtdAucklandProfessional applicators of high performance waterproof membranes and protective coatings systems
MCU-Coatings NZNZ-wideManufacturer of moisture cure polyurea (MCU) marine and protective coatings to protect steel, concrete, aluminium, stainless steel and iron from corrosion
Merz Construction ProductsNZ-wideImporters and distributors of leading edge innovative construction products and solutions
New Zealand Urethane SystemsAucklandSupplier of polyurea and polyurethane coatings
NZ Application ServiceAucklandSpecialist protective coatings applicators and spray foam insulation services
Rhino LiningsDealers and applicators across the countryNZ branch of company that formulates and manufactures its own chemical systems and application equipment, incl. polyurea coating