Powder coating Dunedin

Powder coating is the flawless protective finish with style

If you want a flawless attractive finish with no drips or sags, that gives chemical resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and high impact resistance to your piece, powder coating is the coating for you. It comes in a range of colours and special effect finish styles, for a wide range of substrates from wheels to garden furniture to pipelines. Powder coating is the flexible and versatile coating option for your project. When it comes to powder coating, Dunedin has companies and services to meet your needs. From the 8m x 4.5m x 3m batch oven at Farra Powder Coating to the 7 m2 architectural panel or whiteboard capabilities of Procote,

Below we have listed the powder coating Dunedin companies and services and where to find them.

Powder coating Dunedin – Companies and Services

If you are looking to powder coat any item it is always best to contact the local specialist before you take your project to their door. You need to find out if they have the capacity and ability to do what you need. When calculating costs, a powder coater includes time, powder type and effect, area, and preparation work in the final sum. Below is a table of all the companies providing powder coating services to the Dunedin area.

Powder Coating Dunedin CompanyLocationServices Offered
Blasting & Coating Services Limited4 Eclipse Rd, Burnside, Dunedin 9018Abrasive blasting and coating specialists
Escudo Powder Coating50 Cresswell St, Dunedin, 9016Powder coating with the Dulux range, items up to 6.5m long
Farra Engineering Ltd43 Cresswell St, Dunedin, 9024Powder coating with the Dulux range, items up to 8m long (like balustrades)
Procote Industries Limited18 McNab Street, Kenmure, Dunedin 9011Decorative and practical powder coating up to 7m2
Rinnon Products Ltd518 Kaikorai Valley Rd, Kenmure, Dunedin 9011Range of powder coating services, automotive to architectural


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