The powder coating cost of any part depends on the colour, powder chemistry, and size and difficulty of the piece.

How much does powder coating cost in New Zealand? – You’re about to find out

Whether you are a looking to powder coat rims giving them a durable and cost efficient touch-up or simply undertaking a DIY powder coating project on your patio furniture, there are multiple pricing options available for your specific needs. Powder coating cost estimates vary with the size of the item to be coated, type of coating used and the overall size of the project. The powder coat colours may also affect the total cost. In addition, powder coating at home will differ in costs to opting for a professional service.

In this article we will answer the question “how much does powder coating cost (NZ prices)”: we will take a look at industrial applications, DIY powder coating system manufacturers as well as provide powder coating price list for professional services in New Zealand.

Industrial powder coating cost estimates &  pricing models

Manufacturers determine the powder coating prices for industrial application. In order to find out exactly how much your project will cost, a direct inquiry to the supplier will provide you with specific expenses. Any of the following powder coating manufacturers in New Zealand can supply Industrial powder coating.

Interpon Powder Coatings686 Rosebank Rd, Avondale, Auckland 1746,
Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings46 Klondyke Dr, Hornby South, Christchurch 8042
Insoltech NZ Limited531 South Titirangi Rd,Titirangi, Auckland 0643
PPG PMC New Zealand5 Monahan Road Mt Wellington , Auckland 1060

Applicators tend to give a flat rate per item or a variable rate for mass jobs, depending on the difficulty of coating the objects, as well as their size. If pretreatment such as sandblasting is required, this may also add up to the costs, sandblasting prices are usually not included in the total powder coating cost calculation. If you are searching for industrial powder coating companies, make sure to find out whether the company has the equipment and ability to coat your project. For more information on cost of powder coating, or to be connected with one of our powder coating partners, use the “Request a quote” button and get in touch!

Powder coating price list New Zealand – Professional services

In New Zealand, specialists such as Arkro Powder Coating and Powdercoating NZ provide powder coating services to industrial, commercial and domestic customers. Below is a list of powder coating cost estimates based on the most commonly coated items such as wheels and other auto parts. The list of powder coating prices contains averages to provide a rough estimate for the prudent budget maker. Whether you are wondering “how much does it cost to powder coat rims” or “what is the cost of powder coating for furniture”, you will find the answers here.

Car partsCar wheels (rims) From $53- $99 each (depending on size)
Car partsRocker coversFrom $30,- each
Car partsExhaust pipeFrom $22,- /ft
Car partsBrake drumFrom $92,- per wheel
Car partsBrake discFrom $92,- per wheel
Car partsEngine block$367- $433
Motorcycle partsPiston$68 – $200
Motorcycle partsExhaust pipeUp to$22,- /ft
Motorcycle partsValvesFrom $34,- each
Motorcycle partsBrake calipersFrom $53,-
Motorcycle partsFrameFrom $184,-
Motorcycle partsEngine case OD onlyFrom $262,-
Motorcycle partsWheels – AlloyUp to $132,-
Motorcycle partsMufflerFrom $90,- depending on size
Go Kart partsExpansion chamber$332,-
Rotary partsWheels$55 – $99 depending on size
Truck partsTruck wheel$106 – $341 depending on size
Truck partsWheel nut$5,- each
Truck partsExhaustFrom $24,- per foot
Garden furnitureChairsUp to $40,- each
Garden furnitureTableFrom $70,- each

Volume discounts may apply, so check with the supplier for quotes on bigger projects. If you want more powder coating information, or have a powder coating project and want to be connected with one of our coating partners, take advantage of our 100% free quoting service. Our experts are here to help you find your coating solution, just click the “Request a quote” button at the bottom of this article!

Easy Coat Powder Coating System - Starter Pack for DIY application for low powder coating prices

Powder coating cost does not need to be huge – you can use a low cost DIY powder coating system such as: Easy Coat Powder Coating System – Starter Pack

Powder coating cost factors for DIY projects

How much does powder coating cost for home application? The total powder coating cost is calculated from:

  • Surface preparation; for example sandblasting and acetone bath
  • Coating equipment; spray gun, protection means and earthing system (look for a DIY powder coating system supplier for the best price)
  • Coating powder; also the powder coat colours choice may affect the price
  • Curing equipment; curing oven, a professional one, or regular – or toaster oven

The following table provides an overview of the powder coating equipment prices. The given prices are indications and the cost of shipping has to be considered for products that are unavailable in New Zealand.

Piece of EquipmentBrandPrice
Spray gun: Dual Voltage Powder GunEastwoodFrom $ 256,-
Spray gun: Electrostatic Powder Coating Machine with electrostatic powder coating gun, industrial sprayHuanyu InstrumentFrom $ 610,- excl. shipping costs
Curing oven: Powder coat curing ovenEastwoodFrom US $135,- excl. shipping costs
Accessories: Mask & gogglesFilterSpecUp to $ 40,-
Accessories: High temperature (200°C) masking film tape3MFrom $ 8,- excl. GST

Powder coat colours and costs of powder

The powder itself is sourced separately. Here is a price list of various coating powders and where to buy them. Furthermore, the packaging sizes are given. Note that the powder coat colours affect the powder price. The powder coat colours cover the entire RAL system but not all colours are priced equally. Especially if you are opting for other than basic ‘solid’ powder coat colours you are likely to pay extra for the special effect like metallic or pearlescent finish.

EastwoodHotcoat Single Stage Reflective Chrome Powder From $42,- 8 oz (about 0.23 kg)
EastwoodHotcoat Powder Chevy Orange/VermillionFrom $23,- 8 oz (about 0.23 kg)
PPGArctic White PE548-9001From $238,-20 Kg
PPG Flame PE549-0077From $293,-20 Kg
Prismatic PowdersIntense Blue PPB-4474 From US$13,- (+ shipping costs)1lb (about 0.45 kg)
Prismatic Powders Black Metallic P-4105BFrom US$11,- ( + shipping costs)1lb (about 0.45 kg)
Dulux Electro Burnished CopperFrom $20,-20 Kg
Dulux ElectroNatural Silver From $20,-20 Kg
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