Applying Powder Coating NZ

The complete guide to powder coating NZ – process to local specialists

The name probably gives it away. Powder coating, as the name suggests, is a method by which surfaces are coated with dry powder. The powder is then cured through heating so that it melts and flors, uniformly sticking to the surface. There are two forms of coating, and both application methods provide a strong scratch and corrosion-resistant finish to the coated surface:

  1. Thermosets – suitable for electrostatic spraying
  2. Thermoplastics – applied by dipping the object in a fluidised bath

Powder coating has become more popular than conventional paints. This is because of the number of advantages that powder coat has over liquid paints. In this article we go in-depth with everything to do with powder coating. We cover applications, DIY uses and the costs for powder coating NZ, as well as providing you with a powder coating businesses map for the whole of New Zealand. Find your local powder coating business here.

8 benefits of choosing powder coating

  1. Highly efficient – You only need one coat which covers more area than many other finishes
  2. Reusable – Any oversprayed powder can be collected and reused
  3. Reduced disposal costs
  4. Shorter curing times – Objects are completely cured straight out of the oven. Paint can take days!
  5. Wide selection of finishing colors and textures
  6. No application traces
  7. Automisation is easy – Can therefore save on labor costs
  8. Eco-friendly – No solvents or volatile organic compounds

Ultimately, using powder coatings brings about many economic benefits as the product is made more durable with less overall waste created in the coating process.

Examples of powder coating colours

Powder coating offers a variety of colour options

The industrial and commercial applications of powder coating

Powder coating has a number of industrial and commercial applications. Due to its benefits over conventional paints, it is being used to coat a number of different surfaces, but mostly steelThe automotive industry is one of the major industries that use powder coating significantly. Various car parts and motorbike frames are powder coated instead of being painted with liquid paints. The highest demand in this industry is the coating of wheels.

Other structures such as gates, fences and balustrades are also powder coated. Home appliances and furniture industries have also started using powder coats to paint their products. With the increase in sophisticated powder coating equipment, the number of applications is constantly rising. Interpon powder coatings by AkzoNobel are an example of an industrial powder line used for applications like offshore coating and industrial machinery. Interpon powder coatings come in a range of technologies and are available in New Zealand.

Do it yourself: powder coating at home

One can apply coatings to various types of tools and equipment to make them last longer. To begin with, you firstly need to understand what is the material that you are going to coat. You can then choose either a thermoplastic coat or a thermoset coat. After you have done so, you will need to make sure that the part you want to coat is separated from other parts. Next, give the surface a thorough clean. Use a powder coating gun spray to coat the surface. You will then need to cure the powder coating. This can be done by heating it using a heat lamp. The temperature needs to be adjusted. Usually, you will need to heat the object for ten to fifteen minutes at a temperature between 175° C to 190° C.

Using a coating gun and other methods of applying powder coating

The industry is ever-changing and evolving. A number coating equipment include automated complicated systems. There are also many other methods to prepare a surface for powder coating NZ. These methods include electro-coating. This can be achieved using automated tube systems. These are mainly found in high-end industrial plants. Other methods involve using abrasive blasting. Steel is also used to prepare a surface for powder coating. Once the surface is prepared, electrostatic guns can be used to spray the powder coating.

For home use, as mentioned earlier, powder coating gun sprays are widely used due to their affordable prices and ease of use. Small powder coating ovens can be purchased for curing purposes at home.

Powder coating New Zealand – The Complete Business Map

Below we have compiled a complete map of powder coating businesses in New Zealand, including local and international manufacturers like Dulux and Interpon (AkzoNobel). When it comes to small powder coating applications like rims or garden furniture, we recommend you find your local specialists. For large powder coating projects or industry-scale projects, get in touch!

Find suppliers and costs of powder coating NZ

Expert application in the powder coating industry is always the safest bet. There are manufacturers, retailers and applicators around New Zealand. You can find the perfect company for your project in major cities such as;

There are a number of providers of powder coatings including;

Powdercoating NZ 12 Carters Cres, Cambridge 3434
Arkro Powder Coatings 28 and 30 Porana Road, Glenfield, Auckland
Dulux Powder & Industrial Coatings 31B Hillside Rd, Glenfield, Auckland
HP coatings 62 Mahia Rd, Manurewa, Auckland 2102

This brings up the question: how much does powder coating cost? The cost varies significantly. You can find more details in the indicative price list. Feel free to ask us for a free quote and connection to these and many others for your project!

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