The powder coating cost of any part depends on the colour, powder chemistry, and size and difficulty of the piece.
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Powder Coating Cost New Zealand

How much does powder coating cost in New Zealand? - You're about to find out Whether you are a looking to powder coat rims giving them a durable and cost efficient touch-up or simply undertaking a DIY powder coating project on your patio furniture,…
When you buy powder coating powder always check the chemistry and effect will work for your substrate.

Buy Powder Coating Powder in New Zealand (NZ)

How to navigate the choices when you buy powder coating powder Powder coating is the coating for everyone - from mag wheels to the perfect garden gate, domestic items to heavy-duty industrial protection. It is a high performance coating method…
Applying Powder Coating NZ
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Powder Coating NZ

The complete guide to powder coating NZ - process to local specialists The name probably gives it away. Powder coating, as the name suggests, is a method by which surfaces are coated with dry powder. The powder is then cured through heating…

Powder Coating Wheels

Powder coating wheels : New Zealand specialists, prices and everything in between Have you ever seen a fully customized Skyline in the Auckland centre and wondered how the owner got that amazing cherry red on their wheels? We have good news…

Powder Coating Furniture NZ

Powder Coating Furniture NZ: Attractive & durable protection Whether it concerns office furniture, cabinets, displays, countertops, bathroom furniture or garden furniture; furniture should not only be functional and durable, but also look…
Powder coating steel

Powder Coating Steel

Powder coating steel for an increased protection Steel, like many other metals is vulnerable to corrosion. Corrosion makes buildings and infrastructure unstable and unsafe. A thin, durable film coated on steel ensures that this corrosion is…